Ep. 22: Safe at home | Some Scuffs

The gift (and curse) of being together amid COVID-19 Some Scuffs · Safe at home Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts. THIS IS PART OF A MINI-SERIES CALLED THE BLANKET FORT SESSIONS, A COLLECTION OF PERSONAL ESSAYS THAT EXPLORES HOW PEOPLE FIND HUMAN CONNECTION DURING THE PANDEMIC. To the socially impoverished in a time of global pandemics, moral... Continue Reading →

Ep. 18: Jon Wang cares about underwater hamsters

It's BioShock meets G-Force. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts. NOBODY CARES IS A RECURRING SEGMENT ON THE PODCAST IN WHICH WE TALK ABOUT STUFF THAT NOBODY ELSE CARES ABOUT. Season 2 wouldn't be complete with some good ol' rambling about stuff nobody else cares about, would it? But this time, we've decided to share the fun and... Continue Reading →

Ep. 16: How should we be talking about mental illness? | Some Scuffs

What it means to move Beyond the Label. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.   In the last couple of years, the conversation around mental health conditions has changed dramatically. Using terms like "crazy" and "神经病" to describe those struggling with mental illness is no longer socially acceptable. The taboo surrounding the topic of depression and anxiety has... Continue Reading →

Ep. 15: Here’s a funny story | Some Scuffs

Good fiction, and a sense of humour, can carry hard-hitting truths. Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts.   What would the Harry Potter series look like if Harry was a Malay Muslim boy? What would happen if you tried to get closure with your dead father by conjuring his ghost, and ended up attracting a pontianak? Writer Suffian... Continue Reading →


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