Magic Hands Pt. 3: How to sell a book in 30 days | Some Scuffs

Say what you want, but money talks the loudest.

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Magic Hands is a four part mini-series that tells the story of yoga entrepreneur Sinnead Ali. Sinnead wrote a guidebook on special hand poses called mudras that are used to enhance your meditation, and started a crowdfunding campaign to get it published. The series follows her through the intense process and questions what it means to sell wellness.


In the world of business, you are only worth as much as the dollar value others are willing to place on you. Creating a good product is just a small part of the game. The real challenge comes when you have to convince someone to part with their money in exchange for what you have to offer. And when it comes to the wellness industry, this challenge is a hundred times harder because the value may very well rely completely on a user’s subjective experience.

In part 3 of Magic Hands, yoga entrepreneur and author Sinnead Ali attempts to put a price on happiness and wellbeing. To fund her self-published book Moody Nails, a guidebook on yoga hand mudras and how to use them to enhance your meditation practice, she started a campaign on in November. The plan: to raise US$5,000, enough for 500 hardback copies of the book, in 30 days. We get the blow-by-blow and learn the ins and outs of crowdfunding through her eyes.

Theme music for Magic Hands was by Malika Avani, Derrick Siu and Kei Franklin. Sound design was by Lee Zhe Ren.  Find Sinnead on instagram here.

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