Ep. 19: The joys and pains of podcasting | Some Scuffs

Yo is anyone even listening?

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When I tell people I produce a podcast, I usually have to brace myself for their reactions. Most people here are raised to be polite, so when they say “oh wow, that’s so interesting” my social anxiety tells me they really aren’t that interested.

There are some people who will smile nervously and abruptly change the subject, as if I had just pronounced that my hobby is collecting dirty children’s socks from ball pits. The most direct people (bless them for their honesty) just straight-up ask, “Why would you do that? Do people listen to podcasts in Singapore at all?”

I never know how to respond to the question. Because on the one hand, there is a small and growing listenership. On the other, it’s tiny and definitely doesn’t warrant the amount of effort and time local podcasters put into our craft. And most people consume foreign media, American podcasts like Radiolab and Criminal being some of the most popular.

Still, we do it anyway. Why?

My friend and fellow podcaster Danny Christnanto Koordi shares his personal reasons: love for the medium, the desire to experiment and create something meaningful, and a  pinch of masochism. His show, The Economical Rice Podcast, is what inspired me to start my own podcasting journey.

Today, he talks to us about what got him started, and what goes on behind-the-scenes in the production of a podcast, from the research and scripting to the hours and hours of sound editing (and all this, on top of a full-time corporate job).

The takeaway: podcasting isn’t always fun, but it’s so rewarding. Perhaps his story will inspire you to give it a go too.

Find the Economical Rice Podcast here. If you’re interested to learn more about podcasting in Singapore, drop Danny or myself a line! We’re part of a little local podcasting community that meets up regularly to discuss ideas and just hang out. And we love meeting new people, so we’d love for you to join us. (:


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