Ep. 14: Embracing vulnerability at work | Some Scuffs

Telling your boss you’re not okay isn’t just okay, it might even be good for your company.


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Hello and happy 2019! It’s been a while, but just in time to catch the last bit of enthusiasm we have left for New Year’s resolutions. A common theme that surfaces year after year is professional growth.

In the spirit of figuring out how we can do better at work, we’re kicking off our second season, which is all about discovering an authentic voice, by talking about the benefits of being real and being vulnerable in the workplace, ranging from better emotional health to breakthrough innovation.

Entrepreneur and vulnerability advocate Olivia Coleon shares how transparency and trust can transform the likes of large corporations right down to startups with just one or two founders.


  1. Rising Strong by Brene Brown


Olivia organises an event series called Naked Nights: A Celebration of Vulnerability that uses storytelling, peer-to-peer mentoring and intimate feedback sessions to normalise vulnerability. Find out more at their Facebook page.


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