Ep. 26 The secret lives of housewives | Some Scuffs

https://soundcloud.com/somescuffs/housewives Getting to know my stay-at-home mom Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify or Google Podcasts. THIS IS PART OF A MINI-SERIES CALLED THE BLANKET FORT SESSIONS, A COLLECTION OF PERSONAL ESSAYS THAT EXPLORES HOW PEOPLE FIND HUMAN CONNECTION DURING THE PANDEMIC. Written by Clara How My mother washes her garlic cloves before they are peeled. Her guilty pleasure is scrolling... Continue Reading →

How to lose a fight

My mother is one of the most selfless, loving people I have ever met. She's the sort of person who always leaves the last piece of fish for someone else. And shops with everyone but herself in mind. And worries if you don't drop her a text every night that you stay out late. She... Continue Reading →

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