Ep. 7: So your boss is toxic | Some Scuffs

Crazy unreasonable, or just downright crazy.   Subscribe on iTunes or Google Podcasts   We all know a supervisor, team leader or someone in a position of power who is abrasive, cruel or manipulative. It always troubled me that such people could conduct themselves this way without an ounce of remorse. In this episode, my friend Amelia... Continue Reading →

“Phub” this!

The term “phubbing” needs to die.   It’s a portmanteau of the words “phone” and “snubbing”, used to describe the act of blatantly ignoring a person you’re physically with in favour of your mobile phone. “Phubbing” sounds kind of dopey, and that to me is where the danger lies. While terms like “mansplaining”(man + explaining)... Continue Reading →

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