Magic Hands Pt. 2: The girl with magic in her fingertips | Some Scuffs

How stories shape our lives.

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Magic Hands is a four part mini-series that tells the story of yoga entrepreneur Sinnead Ali. Sinnead wrote a guidebook on special hand poses called mudras that are used to enhance your meditation, and started a crowdfunding campaign to get it published. The series follows her through the intense process and questions what it means to sell wellness.

Once upon a time, a British girl left her home in London and flew across the globe to Thailand, hoping to find herself. Sure enough, she discovered yoga in its purest state and had a spiritual awakening. Then she moved to a tiny island city called Singapore and her life took on a whole different rhythm.

Determined to march to the beat of her own drum, she would bring the wisdom she’d acquired from her yoga training and share it with the young girls in high pressure urban environments who needed it the most. So she wrote a book for them.

Every one of us has an ever-evolving life story that unfolds in our minds. Psychologist Dan McAdams calls it the narrative identity.  Yoga entrepreneur and author Sinnead Ali has a story she tells herself that keeps her going, reminds her of her values and motivations and informs all of her future decisions. In part 2 of Magic Hands, she talks limiting beliefs that have hindered her in the past, and how her internal narrative has brought her to where she is now.

Theme music for Magic Hands was by Malika Avani, Derrick Siu and Kei Franklin. Sound design was by Lee Zhe Ren.  Find the Moody Nails campaign here.

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