Ep. 11: Put on your best face | Some Scuffs

What should the role of makeup be in our lives?

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We hear horror stories of women who can’t leave the house without a full face of makeup, and others who spend hours creating the illusion of double eyelids and high cheekbones, never satisfied with the looks they were born with.

But then we have a chorus of women (most of who have naturally stunning facial features) proudly declaring the end of our enslavement to beauty products with the #nomakeup movement that’s gaining momentum rapidly on social media. Women who don’t seem to notice that not everybody looks as beautiful as them barefaced.

Makeup quite literally shapes how others see us and how we see ourselves, so which is it – an unhealthy crutch or a tool of empowerment? We pose this question to Christian Maranion, who has been styling hair and doing makeup professionally for a decade. He shares about the transformative power of makeup, how our relationship with makeup has evolved thanks to social media, and his own journey growing up with physical insecurities.



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Find the amazingly talented Christian Maranion here.

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