Ep. 8: An anxious person’s survival guide to hook-up culture | Some Scuffs

Forget old-school dating. This generation is ready to hop straight from an app into bed.


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So goes the common narrative, at least. First of all, is there anything wrong with casual sex and the new technology-mediated approach we use to attain it? And second, what does this change mean for those of us who can barely hold a conversation without a panic attack?

These are difficult questions to answer. After all, sex is a dicey topic and it’s hard to entangle because there’s already so much taboo around it. This isn’t helped by our fixation on the Madonna-whore dichotomy – that people, and women in particular, can only either be chaste or extremely promiscuous, with no middle ground.  There’s very little room for people to explore their own sexual identities freely.

In this episode, we talk to sexologist and clinical psychologist Dr Oberdan Marianetti, as well as hear from friends about their personal experiences, to unpack the term “hook-up culture” and the emotional impact of the hook-up, and make the case for talking more about sex.


1. Buss, D. M. (1995). Evolutionary psychology: A new paradigm for psychological science. Psychological Inquiry, 6(1), 1-30.


Sound design by Lee Zhe Ren. Special thanks to Dr Oberdan Marianetti for his insight on this topic. Besides intimacy and relationships, he also specialises in mindfulness and finding purpose. Find his TEDx Talk on workplace unhappiness here. Also, shout out to the awesome girls who agreed to talk about their sexytimes on this episode ❤

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