Ep. 6: Baiting criminals and recruiting fake space cadets | Some Scuffs

Early this month, I got chicken pox. Which is how I ended up quarantined at home feeling itchy, achy and miserable for two awful weeks. Desperate for human companionship, I turned to Netflix and to the stars of Terrace House, Queer Eye, and Drag Race.


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Nobody Cares is a recurring segment on the podcast in which we talk about stuff that nobody else cares about.

In celebration of TV friends who solaced me in sickness, my brother and I rehashed the segment we’re calling Nobody Cares to talk about some of the bizarre, hilarious and controversial reality television series from around the world.

Show notes:

Find the clip we mentioned of the guy who took the bait car here. You can watch the entire season of Space Cadets on Youtube.

2 thoughts on “Ep. 6: Baiting criminals and recruiting fake space cadets | Some Scuffs

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    1. OMG that is just crazy. I’m kind of glad they cancelled it but at the same time I really want to watch and see how she managed to guess who her real father was???


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