To be wild again.

Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer- they are all the result of our modern diets. Or at least, this is the thesis put forth by proponents of the Paleo diet, which I am reading about this morning at breakfast (while stuffing my face with the processed deliciousness that is white bread). You're probably familiar with this... Continue Reading →

Play time.

Once upon a time, we thought Neopets was the most exciting development in gaming history. 17 years later, we have Pokemon Go. I look back at my childhood and marvel at how primitive our modes of play were. Even before Pokemon cards, we had hopscotch and catching and Country Erasers. For the uninitiated, Country Erasers was a highly... Continue Reading →

It’s a man’s world.

"Coding is the most challenging thing I've ever encountered. That's what attracted me to do it." Sitting across me is Michelle Sun. Young, beautiful and highly intelligent, Michelle left her high-paying job as a research analyst at Goldman Sachs, went to Silicon Valley to learn coding from scratch and now owns a coding school for kids, First... Continue Reading →

I meant to write

I swear I did. I meant to write, I meant to do at least one blog post. But then I got distracted. Or maybe I was tired. Or maybe I felt guilty for not showing up at Jon's birthday, or maybe I felt shortchanged that I hadn't gotten to spend my well-deserved Friday night with some... Continue Reading →

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